Wondering how much it would take to build a new website for your business? Want to design your own website but you have no skill or time to do it? Struggling to understand the difference between web design and development?

Juma Digital is a team of professional and dedicated web designers based in Melbourne. We aspire to be the go-to web design in Phillip Island that clients can trust. We are committed to building and designing fast and responsive websites. Using the latest technology, we can build a professional business website that is not only fast but also ranks higher on Google and other search engines.



RMC Associates hired Juma Digital to create a website that communicates their Accounting services to their clients. The website’s main goal is converting web traffic into leads by using a combination of Facebook paid advertising and Google organic search. We took 30 days to create the complete website including graphics, SEO optimization and content. Juma Digital proudly works with a diverse range of businesses to communicate their services to the rest of the world.


Abletax came to us looking to build a highly responsive website from scratch. Having started out in 2015, they were looking for how to grow and expand their online presence without breaking the bank for it. Today, they have a responsive web and one that ranks highly in Google. They are ranking first for the main keyword which is “Blackrock Accountant" Click below to check out their website.


Melbourne Metal Scraps is a Melbourne based metal scrap dealer which buys and recycles waste metals.  The company had been in operation for 10 years and wanted a reputable web designer in Phillip Island to do a rebrand for them. Through creating new content for their website, we managed to rebrand their site and optimized it for SEO. The company started getting leads online after its development.



If you are looking for the top website design in Phillip Island to trust with your business website, look no further. Blessed with a team of talented web design professionals, our creative team has earned a reputation for being one of the trusted web design companies for our customer’s businesses.

Over the year, we have been proven to offer a highly visualized representation of our customers’ businesses. Our experience and special insight into the Australian market gives us a competitive edge over our competitors. We can communicate messages that target your precise audience with laser-sharp precision.

Nothing beats a fresh and up-to-date site. What Juma Digital provides is a complete shift from the past because our sites have future-ward designs. You can trust our specialist web design pros to give you the biggest value for your money. Focus your efforts on other things and let our web design experts handle your web development.


The internet has altered the way business is done in ways that we would never have imagined. For this reason, your website is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. As a matter of fact, your website entails much more than simply jumping on the e-commerce bandwagon. This is because your website is the first point of interaction with your potential clients. Your website should be able to convince you to offer exactly the products or services that they are looking for.

A crowded website with irritating pop-windows and unsightly flashing banners are the best ways of driving your visitors away. Also, a jumbled-up concoction of images and texts are a sure turn-off to most clients. It’s for these reasons that you need professional web design services from Juma Digital.

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