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The Process of Website Design

Web designing is not a simple process and has lot of technical aspects to it. However, the designing process should not always be about those technical matters such as wireframes, code & content management. Because to make it a great website, it is not only about how the social media buttons integrate or slick visuals. Web designers should mainly focus on aligning the web design process with an overarching strategy.  This is why the most well designed websites do not only deal with aesthetics. Instead, a great website attracts more visitors and helps them understand better about the specific product, company & branding. This is by using a variety of indicators, encompassing visuals, texts & interactions. So basically, these become the elements which the site needs to achieve its defined goal. Below mentioned are seven steps of a website design process.

  • Goal identification
  • Scope definition
  • Sitemap and wireframe creation
  • Content creation
  • Visual elements
  • Testing
  • Launch

Ways of Improving Website Design

It is clear that designing a website is not an easy task. Especially when it has only five seconds to attract a visitor. That is not a lot of time therefore during that initial five seconds or less, if the visitor has a bad experience in loading the page or the navigation, there will not be a conversion from visitor to consumer. With the rapidly changing technology, it is even harder for websites to keepup so they become highly outdated or useless very quickly leaving fewer customers or entries to that website. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a website that always looks good and communicates the message clearly. Businesses might not always have investments to spend on a fully redesigning project. But it is not an item that can be put on hold as well. So to choose a professional, experienced and competent web designer, you could visit web design Geelong and understand what is there for offer. 

Methods to focus on when improving web design.

  • Make sure the entire website is responsive
  • Simplify the navigation
  • Improve page speed at a lower bounce rate and have longer sessions
  • Make a clear guide for user behavior
  • Make the most of social media
  • In order to display visual hierarchy, it is advisable to use white space
  • Use photos
  • Use of color theory for advantage
  • Customize illustrations
  • Use motion and animation with intent

Requirement to Maintain a Website

The key reason to maintain a website for a business or any purpose is to prove its legitimacy. Having an official website especially a business entity increases its credibility. Without same, there is a chance that people may doubt about its existence. A website helps create that legitimacy as well as a great first impression in people. With that it creates a great level of comfort and confidence that it is a real business.

Benefits to a Consumer from a Website

Similarly to a business, websites also generates advantages to its customers and users as well.

  • Keeping the consumers updated
  • Convenience and efficiency
  • Helps build a good relationship
  • Continuous access
  • It gives a personalized experience
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